Circa 1907

America began the 20th century with an abundance of pride and prosperity. Like a young prize fighter flexing his muscles, our country hungered for new challenges and experiences, and sought every opportunity to accomplish and achieve new heights.


During this fascinating time in our history, two very distinct segments of the population enjoyed a somewhat different style of dining. The smaller, more affluent segment basked in an abundance of delicacies, while the larger segment of the population viewed food as fuel and looked upon dining as simply a means to an end.

It was during this unique blend of dining preferences that the original Anthracite Café began as The Anthracite Hotel, located on Main Street in Parsons (now the 1100 block of Scott Street). Like many establishments of its time, the Anthracite Hotel was more recognized for its bar than its food, and proudly served Stegmaier Gold Medal Beer from the famous Stegmaier Brewery.

In 1920, Guilio Vitali purchased the Anthracite and began what turned out to be a very successful family owned and operated business that spanned four generations of the Vitali family. During this time, the Anthracite established a reputation for having a friendly and inviting atmosphere, where tasty and affordable food was served. It became a popular gathering spot in the community, and was the place to be seen when out and about town.

In 2003, the Anthracite Café moved to its current, more spacious location. Through the years, the menu at the Anthracite has evolved to reflect the tastes and preferences of the times. From simple sandwiches and soups to more involved, flavorful dishes, the Anthracite has always “been in style.” Now, we begin a new chapter in the proud history of this iconic dining establishment under the ownership and management of Mike Prushinski, a local restaurateur born and raised in Wyoming Valley. True to our proud past, we will continue to offer the kind of homemade dishes our customers want, while remaining that warm and friendly place you want to stop and visit with friends.

We hope you enjoy the new Anthracite Café where you can always count on big food…big drinks…and big fun!

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804 Scott Street, Wilkes Barre, PA, 18705
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